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Do not repost or trace my art.

STATUS for ​Pixiv fanbox supporters: CLOSED



6 sticker set: 180 USD

All sticker can only consist of one character.
(including the design of the character)

Prices are subject to change without notice.

The eye and mouth of the base can be changed to

slanted eyes / drooping eyes

and :3 mouth / :< mouth.


Normal eyes / Normal mouth
switch to slanted eyes/:3 mouth


560×560.gif and 320×320.gif
320×320.apng for Discord sticker (low quality)
Resizing or other formats will be declined.



1. Confirm the terms of service.

Please make sure to fill out the forms correctly.
I may have to decline your request if there are any issues.
Make sure to double-check your request in your submission folder after you send your request.


2. Fill out the form and
send an email.

My response can possibly delay during around 1:00 to 10:00 GMT+9 so it would be much appreciated if you could wait patiently!
Usually, A reply will be sent within 24 hours.
If you did not receive a reply, please send your request again.


3. An invoice will be
sent to you.

Your request will be canceled if the payment could not be confirmed within 24 hours.


4. Remit your payment
within 24 hours.

Completed illustrations can only be sent through email.


5. Completed illustrations will be shown to you within 20 days after payment.


Completed reference illustrations must be submitted in order to send a request.

Text-only information or images created by combining illustrations/photos will not be accepted. Be sure to submit images of characters that you own and drew or created.

My YCH commission does not accept the process of showing rough sketches or retakes.

I ask that all important designs be included on the form.

Requests to change the base will cost a high additional fee.

I set the YCH prices low because creating the illustrations involves automatic data replacement. However, specific change requests require a high additional cost due to making the data separately.

Not recommended for those who want to make detailed requests.

I make the best effort to meet your expectations when working on commissions. However, since I draw the characters according to the YCH base, I might not be able to fulfill your request.

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I retweet past YCH commission illustrations on Twitter. Check it out if you're interested!

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