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latest-updated July 16th, 2023.

Regarding Submissions

Please provide reference images of the completed character that can be fully understood.

The following types of commission requests will not be accepted:
・Only text-based, or information with images composed of photographs or illustrations.
・Requests to alter the design, such as changing colors or sizes from the character reference image, or adding accessories.
This is not a commission for character design, so please prepare a character
illustration or 3D model.


Only one character design is allowed per set of orders

For example, requests such as ordering five emotes and changing the character design of just one of them are not accepted.
If you require multiple designs, please place an order for each


Do not change the submission content or request after payment.

Please be sure to reconfirm the form you have sent before payment.

About Base Changes and Additional Charges


Changes in expression, or the addition of effects or objects, are not allowed.

You cannot, for example, change from open eyes to closed eyes or make the character hold a stick.


Changing the shape of eyes or mouth will cost an additional 40USD.

If you wish for a shape of eyes or mouth that is not among the provided options, please indicate this in the form.


Depending on the character's design, if it is difficult to fit it into the base, an additional charge may apply according to the design.

If you wish to know about additional fees for designs, I will respond after you submit the request form. Please understand that I cannot provide this information through Twitter or the contact form.

The following character designs can be accepted without additional charges:

fangs, freckles, eye patches, elf ears, animal ears, short snout, moles, eyeshadow, long sleeves.

Regarding Deliverable


Character designs may be simplified.

If the design is complex, it may be simplified in the drawing, so please let me know the important points of the design.


Revision requests are not accepted.

Please note the important points of the design in the form.


You are free to use the deliverables as long as they do not violate the prohibited matters.

You can use it for purposes such as registering as an emote on Twitch, Youtube, Discord, posting images on Twitter, etc. Please conform to the platform's Terms of service when using the deliverables.


Deliverables can be ordered as gifts for specific individuals.

When giving, please inform them of the prohibited matters listed below.

Regarding Payments


Payments are only accepted via Paypal.


Only upfront payments are accepted.


Refunds are not possible.

Prohibited Actions


Commercial use of deliverables or profit-making activities are prohibited.

Examples of prohibited actions include using them on goods, making videos with the deliverables as the main content and earning revenue, registering and selling them as emotes on LINE.


Distributing files directly to a large number of people is prohibited.

Please refrain from doing so as it may violate the terms of use when a third party receives them.


The use of deliverables for purposes that violate public order and morals is prohibited.

You may also be prohibited from using it if I find it uncomfortable.


Alterations or uses that damage the image, such as making the creator of the deliverable unrecognizable or using it in a way that is completely different from the intent of the creation, are prohibited.

Prohibited examples include changing the style of the illustration by overpainting or rewriting, animating by cutting out parts or using mesh deformation (except for simple animations), and adding items or changing the atmosphere.


Impersonating the creator of the deliverable is prohibited.

Please refrain from claiming that you created the deliverable.



The copyright of the deliverable belongs to Hoopyon.


In case of any trouble such as slander, defamation, or plagiarism, I reserve the right to make public the messages.


When posting the deliverable for the first time, please credit Hoopyon.


The terms of use may change suddenly.

Thank you for reviewing the TOS!
Please select the desired YCH from the tabs above.
After confirming the details of the reference images you will provide, please proceed to the form after agreeing to the TOS.

Please note:
-The form is closed and cannot be accessed outside of the commission open period.
-There are different forms for each type of commission. Please make sure to select the form for the tab you wish to order.
If the wrong form is used, you may be asked to resubmit or your request may be cancelled.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ and reply on my Twitter!

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